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Fun times await you! Your ride time is 45 minutes (+-) and you can remain on site is for up to three hours to use the shared fire area. We have plenty of seating and roasting sticks.

Visit our animals at the sanctuary when here. Call us to book a date and time for the ride then purchase your tickets to confirm. We will e-mail you back with confirmation. 

Once you are booked plan to bring your hot dogs and hot chocolate and or marshmallows to enjoy at the shared fire area after your ride! We have set up tables and benches for guests at the bon fire. Bring your own gear if you are planning to skate or toboggan, do so 

 *at your own risk* 

Waivers one (1) mandatory for each person must be handed in prior to any activities. We have some here that are printed for you to complete prior to activities or print and bring.

Please arrive fifteen minutes ahead of your scheduled time.

Call 780-962-5232 to select a date and time - then buy your tickets.

Non- refundable - we will reschedule if inclement weather.

Observe all instructions from driver when around or on sleigh/wagon.

Leave your pets at home. 

Sleigh/Wagon Ride Fun Time 
Call us to book date/times 780-962-5232


 Limited Time at only $25/person + GST 
 2 & under free

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