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Call to book your sleigh ride fun time.  Tickets are $35 per person (2 & under free). The ride takes you on a magical wintery ride with jingle bells all the way! We go around the frozen ponds to the big tobaggan hill then past it to the private trail made just for this experience! You will see the music bowl and beautiful scenery as you travel by sleigh along the picturesque Atim Creek that surrounds the property to the north and west. Mgmt. reserves the right to combine riders to fill sleigh. Ask about private ride options. 

Bring in your own hot dogs and your water and marshmallows and hot chocolate to enjoy at the shared bon fire area that we set up for all patrons to use as they are here and is near where you park. Heated washrooms are a little ways down to the back of the residence and in the walk-out. Waivers are mandatory; we will send you copies when you pay for your tickets.  If you use the toboggan hill  or frozen skating ponds you *use at your own risk* and observe all management rules and obey all instructions when getting on and off sleigh and around horses. Do not bring any pets or any alcohol to the venue - You can ask us about our AGLC liquor services when here. We ID all patrons under 25 for alchol services.  Do not feed the animals on site - dont worry they get their carrot treats from us!

We looking forward to hearing from you when you call us to book a time. Call us at 780-962-5232 and book ahead. If you get the answering machine we will call you back. 


  • Facility Use Waivers are necessary for all participants. They are available where you park and must be completed (one per person please), especially if you plan to use our toboggan hill or skating ponds that you use *at your own risk* with your own gear and in the daytime only when here for a paid sleigh ride only.