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Please have all riding participant waiver forms completed and brought in with
you or let us know 2 two days before your booked ride and we can have printed copies available for you to complete. If you do not have your waivers prepared ahead of your ride, it may use up some of your ride time booked so please contact us a few days ahead to let us know you do not have a way to bring in the waivers and need to complete them here. ***
Arrive at least 15 minutes early to complete the forms.

Leading rides for ages 3-5 and adults participation to side walk need to have a completed Facility Use Waiver to participate in horse experiences. 

Horseback Riders must have 1) Acknowledgement and Hold Harmless Waiver  and

2) Facility Use Waiver for the current year. 


We will provide the use of a cleaned riding helmet for you to wear. 

Please wear long pants to ride and no open toed footwear or crocs. Boots with a low heel are recommended for you to wear. 

Horse Riders must have Acknowledgement and Facility Use Waivers

18 years of age and older please use the Over the Age of Majority form

Ages 5 to 17 use the Under the Age of Majority form 

Legal Guardians and adults must SIGN & INITIAL all places on the waivers.


If you bring your own riding helmet it must be a current ASTM Riding Helmet that is approved for riding horses. Wear boots with a low heel.

(No children under 2 allowed inside barns or pens with horses but may see them safely from other side of fence when a horse Supervisor is present)

Text Liz at 780-920-6582 when you arrive for any horse experience.

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