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 CALL US to book your date & time for your

horse experience:




Leading Rides
4 & Up

Ages 4 and up enjoy a ride on a beautiful horse as we lead and you walk beside your child. Each ride time experience lasts around 30 minutes and you are welcome to stay longer to visit the cow and mini horses who live beside the riding area. Dress them warm for winter time as this is a year round activity! 

$75 + GST



Book your date by calling us first

at the ranch 780-962-5232. 

No refunds but we will schedule again if inclement weather. A horse drawn ride for just the two of you! 

Your ride is for around 45 minutes and you can stay on the property to enjoy the fire area after and visit our animal sanctuary animals!

$225 + GST


Sleigh/Wagon Ride Fun Time

Call the ranch to book your sleigh ride fun time. Call us at 780-962-5232. Sleigh rides include use of a shared bon fire area for bringing in your hot dogs and marshmallows; and water or pop (no alcohol) - ask us about bar services here. Facility Use Waivers for all participants required and for using the toboggan hill and skating ponds which are strictly daytime only and completely *at your own risk*

Babies must be at least one year old and up to two year olds are free - ask us!

$35 + GST

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Two Can Ride 

Two riders to enjoy a half hour in the saddle for a nice relaxing guided ride on our fenced trail around where the horse herd lives!

We will walk beside and lead children ages 6-9. See Leading Ride option if child is age 4-5.


 The horses are very gentle. We will choose the right horse for everyone. 

 Helmet rentals are included.

Weight restriction to 85-90 kg as the horses are older.

$145 + GST



An hour of time spent with the horses brushing and enjoying being with them in the barn and then out for a ride! If you only want to walk by and lead a horse that is fine too!

A perfect way to connect to these magnificent animals and get some free photos too! 

$99 + GST


Riding Lessons (3)

Riding instruction with trail riding includes brushing saddling and riding; for children 5 and  up and this is also for adults wanting to learn to ride.    

3 one-hour sessions with all riding outside. Some time also spent brushing horses and learning horse care inside heated barn.

You can have your lessons at same times as a friend or a family member (ask us how) 

$275 + GST



Enjoy an hour with us!  Ride is out on the back part of the property and back to the parking lot. Suitable only for advanced riders ages ten and up. If you are in lessons with us we will get you here when you can manage your horse on the open areas.

 Weight restriction limit 85 kg as the horses are older.  Ask us if we have a horse that might carry a higher weight when you call us. Call first to book a time. If an advanced rider wants to ride and a beginner books a ride too we can lead beginner to go too. 

$115 + GST

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