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Concessions& Barbecue


 Steak and grilled chicken country style barbecue buffet options for tournaments and events – by special order - check out our events page for offerings

Hamburger                                       $7.50

1/4 lb 100% pure Beef 

Cheeseburger                                   $8.00

1/4 lb 100% pure Beef w/cheese

Chickenburger (Seasonal)                   $8.50

Pure white chicken breast

Veggie Burger                                  $8.50

Cheese Optional

Hot Dog                                          $5.50

Potato Chips  & Cheezies                   $2.50

Individual Bags

Ice Cream                                        $3.50

Clubhouse Beverages

Pop and coffee/tea 


Bottled Water

Alcoholic Options





Imported Beer

Wine 5oz

Assorted Varieties

Hiballs 1oz

Assorted Varieties










Enjoy snacks and a drink on our licenced patio or on the course!

ID may be requested by staff.


We are a Class A licensed venue and handle all sales of alcohol on site.


No outside liquor may be brought in to the venue under any circumstance.


This will be strictly enforced.


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