Putting Horse Ranch Inc. is located at the property called

Poburan Farm owned and operated by Chris and Liz Poburan,

married in 1984 with a vision to do something special

together at the land they have developed that was for

horse and family growth and development.


The company was founded in 2008 but the farm has been

home to the Poburan family since 1989, the year that

Denver, the son of Chris and Liz, was born.

Jennifer was only two years old at the time and so,

along with many horses and their eventual offspring

and many other loved pets, the children were raised at the

property and the original house was built in 1994.


In 2012, Jennifer and Corey were married at

Putting Horse Ranch and have 2 amazing kids,

who love horses too!


Chris and Liz and family all have horse training experience

and have raised horses for over 33 years.


Chris Poburan has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

 from the University of Alberta, majoring in soil sciences

and is the main developer of the grounds.


Together, Chris and Liz and seasonal staff and

volunteers run the day to day operations.


Liz Poburan is a licensed Real Estate Agent in the Province of Alberta.

She is an Associate with Homes & Gardens Real Estate Ltd. in

Edmonton Alberta. Residential and Rural Real Estate and 

Member of the Realtors Association of Alberta.


Her Real Estate Agent website address is http://www.buysellponyexpress.com



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