• 5 Oz. Glass of Wine (Red or White)                        6

  • Beer Assorted Varieties (cans)                               6

  • Coolers Assorted Varieties (cans)                          6

  • Highballs by the glass (1 oz alcohol)                     6 to 7 ea

    ID may be requested by staff – We are a Class A licensed venue and handle all sales of alcohol on site. No outside liquor may be brought in to the venue under any circumstance. This is to be strictly enforced. If you have a wedding or company function booking, your catered meal for over 100 guests includes corkage (please ask us for the details when booking your event)

  • Bottle of pop/juice/water (Coca-cola products)     2.50

  • Power Ade/Monster                                                 3

  • Coffee/Tea (includes one refill)                               3

  • Hot Chocolate                                                         3