Horseback Riding & “HANDS ON HORSES”


GUIDED PUBLIC HORSEBACK RIDING – weather permitting, year round!

$42/ RIDER – If only two riders it is $63/ RIDER ~ Great for beginners!

You will be here for approx. 1 hour for preparations and safety and time in saddle varies but approx. 30 min. It is a nice relaxing ride on world class quality show horses. Weight restriction 230 lbs.

***NEW***Pony Rides! Ages 2 to 12 – Children will take turns – we lead them around corral with a side walker, Parent can sidewalk: Min 4 and up to 10! One price $150+GST Preregistration required (Call Liz). Group time is one hour with the horses; additional fee may apply if longer time requested.

Call 780-962-5232. Credit card number may be requested to secure your spot.

TRAIL RIDERS: Boots required with a low heel; Helmets too; if you are over the age of 18 you can waive the helmet use; (ask us), & we have some boots on hand if you need to borrow ours let us know. Helmet rentals free. If in winter time wear a thin toque without a pom pom.

Payable on site to Putting Horse Ranch Inc. You may pay with M/C, VISA, DEBIT or CASH. If you are purchasing a gift certificate we can send you a credit card authorization form and can MAIL you the certificate. We will add $2.50 for shipping.
We have waivers here but please pre-read them to know what to expect and that you will sign before you ride. If you are bringing another child who you are not the legal guardian of FOR THE TRAIL RIDE, AND THEY ARE MIN 6 YEARS OLD, please make sure their legal guardian pre reads, understands and SIGNS and INITIALS the appropriate waivers. Two forms for each rider – one for safety and one for equipment must be given to us. Signed and initialed forms good throughout the year they are signed if you plan to visit more than one time.

Use these forms for you and your child. Over the age of majority is for 18 and up.

Note***MIN. AGE IS 5 FOR LESSONS (this means that they can ride with our instruction), Pony rides can be under that age and trail riders must be at least 6 and led if age 6 to 9 on the trail .

Under the age of Majority for TRAIL RIDES is for ages *6  to 17.

HANDS ON HORSES, and leading pony rides, we can have children, with a parent or legal guardian to participate AS SIDE WALKER.

Safety Equipment Release Form (rev 5-08)




Safety Equipment Release Form (rev 5-08)

All Children ages 6 to 9 must be led on trail. We can also help adults who have never ridden before while on the horse. We can take up to 5 riders on the fenced riding trail at a time.

We are experienced and caring horse handlers and our horses are World Class and very gentle loving animals.

We appreciate that you love pictures of the horses but we have a rule of NO CELL PHONES on your ride or taking videos or photos yourself when at the horse staging area. We are happy to take FREE shared photos of you and your group, riding, and will share them with you if you also agree to share with us. Ask for the photos and we will do our best to send them to you via e-mail promptly following your ride. You must send us a note when you receive them to let us know you received, like the ones you see here – happy people and happy horses! We appreciate it too when you give us a thumbs up on social media as that helps us reach others!

Once you arrive and your waivers are completed, we will get you set up with helmets (all children UNDER 17 must wear a helmet) and we provide the use of one for no extra charge. Legal guardians to adjust the helmets themselves so that they are snug.It helps if we know the ages of the riders and size of each rider so please mention that when you call us to book your ride time. You MUST be able to swing your leg over the saddle at the mounting station while your foot is in stirrup in order to ride. No open toed footwear allowed on ride; you should wear boots with a low heel. We might have a pair to lend you on hand so please feel free to ask us when you arrive! When you are seated on the horse we may need to set the stirrup lengths.

Remember to Leave Your Pets At Home and absolutely no outside food or drink allowed; Food/beverage service on site. No alcohol and No Smoking at the horse area.


Hands on Horses 10 to Adult Jan 2018


$195 (+ GST) – One price for all 4 Saturdays from 10 to noon January  13, 20, 27 & Feb 3, 2018Drop in price is $55 (+ GST), space permitting. Call us for details.

Learn about taking care of horses and understand them better while doing hands on activities with the horses in heated barn and outside in corrals. You will be paired with a horse each session! Students will learn to properly handle a horse on the ground with some riding AS WEATHER PERMITS. Students will benefit greatly from this program that is a hands on approach to horses. Time spent learning safety with horses and training demonstrations. Hot chocolate and heated indoor classroom for Q & A and some fun activities following each session! Dress for outdoors.

Hands on Horses Ages 5 to 9 Adult/Child participate together

HANDS ON HORSES For ages 5 to 9 – One price for all 4 Saturdays $145 (+ GST) per child/parent team. One hour sessions for children and their parents run Saturdays – January 13, 20, 27 & Feb 3, 2018 from 1 pm to 2 pm –  One hour spent together in barn and outside too if weather is warm, with instruction on how to brush, lead and take care of horses. Includes parents learning too and assisting their child as child’s partner with the horse they are paired with, but no experience necessary!  Drop in price $42 per time, space permitting. Call us for details.

Your child will get some leading ride time, WEATHER PERMITTING, you will be their leader.

Waivers must be in place for all participating including parents!

You can join in if a session anytime if we have room; call us at least a day before any session for details. We will book you in and happy to give you additional information when you call us: 780-962-5232 VISA, M/C, Debit, Cash