Horseback Riding Pricing and Information


GUIDED RIDES – $40/ RIDER – we take 3 to 6 riders at a time. If only two riders it is $60/RIDER

GST will be added at time of payment – you may pay with MC VISA DEBIT or CASH

To book a ride time call us at 780-962-5232; do not book by e-mail. Thank you!

Horse Riding Rules


Safety Equipment Release Form (rev 5-08)


If you are bringing a child and are not the Legal Guardian there is a form you must have presigned and witnessed, and you may e-mail us to request that particular form [email protected]

Min 3 riders to Max 6 riders per approx. 1/2 hour ride session with a guide rider, runs on most Fridays Saturdays and Sundays; weather permitting.

ASK LIZ FOR YOUR FREE PHOTO ON HORSEBACK! Liz will take photos while you ride and if you want one you can send us an e-mail requesting and we will send as long as you also mention we can use for our marketing purposes and we appreciate a nice social media review too. Otherwise NO CELL PHONES on your ride or at the horse staging area.

Once you arrive and your waivers are completed, we will get you set up with helmets (all children under 18 must wear a helmet) and we provide the use of one for no extra charge.

Once you are seated on the horse, then we will set the stirrup lengths. It helps if we know the ages of the riders and approx. size of each rider when you call us to book your ride time; if not you may have to wait for your turn to ride after we have matched you to the horse you will ride.

One person at a time to mount the horses individually, with our assistance, from the loading area where it is easy to get on the horse’s back without having to climb up into the saddle. Your guided ride is on a beautiful well cared for horse. Plan for Approx. 25 to 30 min. in the saddle with additional time for helmet fitting, meeting the horses, signing the waivers, etc. This will give you a nice relaxing horse experience and a ride on an excellent horse in a western saddle. If its your first time riding, no worries, we can assist you by leading the horse you are on, while we are mounted on our horse, leading you beside the horse you ride, (one rider to be assisted this way per session please), or we will walk along on the ground while horses follow us – perfect for children. Our guided rides are suitable for ages 6 years and up. Children aged 6 to 10 must be led by us while riding. Weight of riders not to exceed 225 lbs. Ask us though, as we may have a horse available for riders up to 250 lbs in the string, for those needing a larger mount. You MUST be able to swing your leg over the saddle at the mounting station while your foot is in stirrup in order to ride. No open toed footwear allowed on ride; you should wear boots with a low heel.

Remember to Leave Your Pets At Home and absolutely no outside food or drink allowed.

Food and beverage service on site. No alcohol and No Smoking at the horse area.